Vuoplan Oy was established year 2013 as independent specialist of valves and materials engineering. Since then, we have been active in multiple projects in plant turnarounds, plant engineering and in maintenance related activities. From the very beginning, the strongest asset of Vuoplan Oy has been the broad knowledge of different valve types, comprising of manual-, automated and safety valves, combined to practical experience with both project and maintenance point of view.

Same applies to the materials engineering, where the knowledge of different materials and their suitability to number of industries have proven valuable to many customers, saving their resources, expenditure and time - together with very detailed understanding of quality and quality chains and their control.

Vuoplan Oy is an independent specialist, without any agency or manufacturing of any equipment. It enables objective engineering and consulting work to all projects as well as for maintenance works to running process plants as it essentially enables all possibilities when finding the best possible solution to any need as it may come from any manufacturer or other source.