Maintenance and turnaround services

Vuoplan Oy has been active in solving both daily and more complex questions related, for example, to plant turnarounds both in planning and execution phases. We see ourselves in both supervising/inspector roles on field operations as well as expert roles related to design/engineering. Both of the roles are very familiar for us from our previous experience.

For Vuoplan Oy, it is crystal clear that the ever-important maintenance schedules are kept. Even in tightest schedule, no short cuts are taken - the quality of services are always kept, with agreed working methods and scope. Vuoplan Oy emphasizes occupational safety in all actions as this is seen also as a guarantee of the high quality.


- Neste/Neste Oil Oyj. Kilpilahti, Finland major turnaround v. 2010
- Neste/Neste Oil Oyj. Kilpilahti, Finland major turnaround v. 2015
- Neste/Neste Oil Oyj. Kilpilahti, Finland plant shutdowns: HF Alkylation, years v. 2012,2015,2018; Renewable diesel years 2012 and 2016
- Neste Rotterdam B.V Rotterdam renewable diesel refinery v. 2016
- Neste/Neste Oil Oyj. Kilpilahti, Finland. Daily support of refinery valve workshop years 2008-2012 and 2016-2017
- Borealis Polymers Oy Kilpilahti, Finland. Petrochemical plant turnaround 2017